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Zakāt al-Fitrah is a religious obligation for those who are financially able and is to be paid on behalf of one’s self and all dependents whom one supports financially. According to the Fatāwā of the Marājiʿ, one who is carrying out the obligation of Zakāt al-Fitrah must give to those who meet the requirements *locally*. Only after searching and not finding needy locals may it be transferred out-of-town. The amount is approximately *3 kilograms* of a single local food staple or its cash equivalent per person. The suggested amount for this year (per person) is *$15* (approximate cash equivalent of 6.61 lb of chicken in bulk). Zakāt al-Fitrah becomes wajib (obligatory) after sunset on the eve of Eidul Fitr. The Zakāt al-Fitrah should be paid or set aside at the latest before Eid prayers for those who will perform the prayers, or before midday (the time of dhuhr prayers) for those who will not perform Eid prayers. It can be submitted before the night of Eid by giving it as a loan and then changing your intention from it being a “loan” to “Zakāt al-Fitrah” when the time has arrived to give the Zakāt al-Fitrah.

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